Who's Searching Your Name?  In What Context?
Online Name Activity Monitoring System. Safeguard Your Name Against Potential Abuse. 

     HitDetective Guards Your name Online



Instantaneous Website & Search Engine Activity Notification.  Used by US courts, law enforcement and Homeland Security!



HitDetective Data Capture System
Guard Your Name With HitDetective.  Who's searching your name and in what context?


Clean Search Reputation Relevance Association Management


How frequently your name is searched?  In what context? Who is searching? 

  Know the location of the entities involved!
Know the exact time of the activity!
  Know who the entitles are!

HitDetective protects your name from harassment or potential negative relevance and/ or false light.

HitDetective tells you HOW your name is being searched, when it is being searched, and who is searching.  Attorneys, politicians, Government officials, athletes and more have been using HitDetective to gain unique strategic information, now HitDetective is available to you.

HitDetective can be customized by you to control the level and orientation of the alerts received.  Example: Receive an alert when 'your name' is searched, or only when 'your name and location' is searched.  Add as many emails or mobile devices as you wish.

Try HitDetective risk-free, with a full money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.



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